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horizontal rules for web pages

Use the horizontal rule as a page divider or get creative and achieve some very nice effects using the horizontal rule <HR>.

Make Your Own Rules

Characteristics of the "Default" Horizontal Rule - <hr> :

 Align Center - unless you alter the tag
 100% Width - unless you alter the tag 
 3 Pixel Height - unless you alter the tag
 Shaded - unless you alter the tag
 Gray Color - unless you alter the tag (browser issues with this)
 Creates one space above and one space below itself - Always

Alignment: Since the default alignment is "center" there is no need to use this attribute in the tag. When you use the "align" attribute you must also use the "size" attribute because the default size is 100% and it won't matter how it is aligned.

<hr align="left" width="400">

<hr align="right" width="400">

Width: To specify the exact width of a rule, use pixels. To have the rule automatically adjust relative to the browser window, use a percentage. Using a percentage also adjusts the size of the rule relative to the size of the table or table row you place it in.
<hr width="80"> pixels

<hr width="80%"> percentage of table row size

Height: To specify the exact height ("size") of a rule, you can only use pixels.

<hr size="1"> pixels

<hr size="5"> pixels
<hr size="10"> pixels

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