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Shading: Have you noticed that all of the rules above are open and not solid? This is because the default for a rule is "shaded" to get the supposed 3D effect. If you want a solid rule, use the "no shade" attribute in the tag. Of course, this only applies to rules that are more than 1 pixel in height or size.

<hr size="2" noshade> not shaded

<hr size="5" noshade> not shaded

Color: Now this is where things get a bit frustrating in terms of browser compatability. Until Netscape 6x, it did not support the "color" tag for a horizontal rule, whereas IE has supported it since 3x. Earlier versions of Netscape will just default to the gray color we have seen so far.

Note: The "noshade" attribute is overwritten when "color" is used

<hr size="5" color="red"> or use any hexadecimal color you wish
<hr size="5" color="#0000ff">
<hr size="5" color="green">

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